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Oct 21, - Here we'll take a look at some of the things that might concern a hetero guy who wants to try anal play - and provides some tips on how to have the . Find a strap-on harness that fits the female partner around the hips and a dildo that fits the harness and is the desired size and shape for the male partner. Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) - Male Anal Play Tips Alby. Age: 20. I'm cute, petite, curvy, brunette with a beautiful smile It's a walnut-sized and somewhat rigid mound of flesh located between your testicles and your anus, right next to your rectum. Jan 4, - While it still remains taboo in some circles, heterosexual anal sex, seems to be gaining in popularity, and more and more male/female couples are turning the tables, exploring male anal penetration by a female partner, a kind of play that's affectionately been nicknamed BOB, or bend over boyfriend. Kerry. Age: 30. Visit my Instagram page more for up-to-date photos: https://www Bend Over, Boyfriend Jan 6, - And did you know that a lot of gay couples don't engage in anal play? Ever? There's nothing about your anus, or any other of your erogenous zones, that's unique to your sexual orientation. I'm going to guess if you're a straight male that you probably like blow jobs, right? Well, so do most gay men. So using. Oct 3, - On more than one occasion, a woman has asked me if I wanted to do "butt stuff" when it became clear that coitus wasn't cutting it anymore. Assplay is a logical next step in a male/female sexual relationship.

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Paola. Age: 23. More pictures are in my private gallery and as i like woman as well i can meet you whith one of my friends....:-) Jan 5, - Nope, we're not talking about putting your penis in your lady's asshole. We're talking about stimulating your asshole. If you're like many straight guys, your interest in this article just plummeted. Lots of straight men are turned off by the idea of anal play (to be fair, many bi and gay men are too), and as a result. Oct 4, - In a recent Vice article, straight man, Dave Schilling, called anal sex “the first stop on the Save My Relationship World Tour.” And he's not just talking about giving, he's talking about receiving as well: “On more than one occasion, a woman has asked me if I wanted to do 'butt stuff' when it became clear that. Apr 9, - Cosmo's sex expert gives tips on how to please your man anally. My guy likes it when I touch his anal opening. If you really want to blow his mind, play with his prostate -- a chestnut-sized pleasure center about three inches up the front wall of his anal canal -- by making a "come here" gesture with your.


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