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The Best Positions for Anal Sex. The Curled Angel. It's a sexy spoon position. Get the man to lie down behind you and bend your bodies together. This position enables relaxation and the man will be able to reach the other important parts like the breasts and clitoris. When the woman bends and spreads her upper legs away. How to orgasm with anal sex - 10 steps - OneHowto Alaina. Age: 25. You will be 100% satisfied with the time you spend with me. Blossoming Anal Don't let the hardcore porn depictions fool you: On the contrary, it requires time, patience and dedication to make penetration completely enjoyable and whoever is penetrated reach an intense orgasm, so the first thing is to have time to devote yourself completely to the anus unhurried. After your woman has agreed on trying anal sex, you both have taken all the precautions, and the initial stage where she gets uncomfortable has passed It's time to give her one of the most amazing orgasm of her life! An anal-orgasm! ;). I brought you some info right from Gabrielle Moore's book Anal Pleasure For Her that. Kasey. Age: 30. Mastered in the art of pleasure 10 Best Positions For Anal Sex Jan 10, - I guess the question can be modified, best position that ladies enjoy anal as well. First of all, i know it is not every one's cup of tea. We don't do. Aug 1, - Here are seven sex positions aimed at making her orgasm the main event. "While on your back, put a pillow under your butt, lift your hips, and bring your legs up and back toward your shoulders, as though you're folding in Woman-on-top tends to be a go-to for achieving orgasm, and for good reason.

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Robin. Age: 29. ex photomodels Nov 13, - The best position to ease into anal sex is the classic spoon. As sex educator and porn star Riley Reyes explains, having the receiver lay on their side keeps their body at its most relaxed, allowing the rectum to open up more naturally, and it gives you the most speed control. Plus, you'll both have your hands. 8. The position they choose is key so she reaches orgasm with anal sex, so check out our article about the best positions to achieve and ensure the enjoyment of both. 9. Do not hesitate to make use of sex toys like vibrators or dildos to increase pleasure. While she is penetrated anally, masturbation can be used to stimulate. Jan 4, - To have anal sex that actually feels good, try this position.


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