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This is my friend Karen's guinea pig! Ready to see how cute he is? Tips for Your Male Guinea Pig's Routine Boar Cleanings - Guinea Pig Today Isabella. Age: 29. Soy una linda chica de 24/edad chilena recien llegada If an animal is obese or pregnant, these soft droppings may be expelled and eaten from the floor. I only ever wash the anal sack using the warm water bath. If there is any sign of yeast infection, I may apply some canesten cream into the sack but, in all honestly, prefer to use oral Nilstat/Mycoststin/Nystatin drops due to the pigs need to eat their caecal pellets - the oral treatment would be safer to ingest  How to clean the male guinea pigs penis area. Bonnie. Age: 23. Curious?.... Please contact me. Tips for Your Male Guinea Pig’s Routine Boar Cleanings Sep 21, - Guinea Lynx has a topic on cleaning anal glands. Lack of exercise, age, among others can cause a pig to become impacted 2nd to muscles becoming weakened. I don't clean my boys anal glands frequently however I do inpsect them weekly to assess for any shavings and debris accumulation and clean  Genitals virgin coconut oil for cleaning anal sac? If you have a guinea pig suffering from 'impaction' then you would certainly need to clean him daily but you don't need to use cotton buds. You can flush his anal sac out with water very easily and apart from him feeling a little bit indignant, it doesn't hurt. I have to say, I haven't taken a look at the Youtube link  Boar Care: Bits, Bums & Baths.

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Katsuni. Age: 25. Give me call for the experience you can`t miss me Jul 9, - Clean the Anal Sac This should be done about every three weeks, more often in older boars who have lost some elasticity in their muscles and are more prone to impaction. Have your mineral oil and q-tips ready, then place piggy on your lap with his back resting up against you so his back is supported. Impaction is the build up of faecal material in the anal sack of the guinea pig. When you look at your guinea pig you may notice that there is a big You do not need to regularly clean the anal sack area unless there is a case of impaction that you are dealing with. The anal sack area contains a lining with vital secretions that. Male guinea pigs, also known as boars, have something females don't, a penis and testicles. That's right, if you think your safe from grossness, you are so wrong. Males need to have their penises checked and clean at least monthly. Anal sacks, which have glands for sent marking, can get badly mucked up from rubbing.


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