Deep vaginal trobbing after ivf transfer

Dec 11, - After an IVF embryo transfer (ET), achieving success depends exclusively on the embryos and their implantation potential. In spite of that, it is Abundant vaginal discharge during the first days after the ET, due to elevated/altered hormonal levels and the vaginal administration of progesterone. Spotting or  ‎Are bloating, cramping and · ‎What happens after embryo. Post Embryo Transfer Tips & Precautions - What Should You Expect? Lindsay. Age: 26. I enjoy travelling, reading, being relaxed and new experiences.. By comparing swabs from patients who had a live birth to swabs from patients who did not have a live birth, the overall difference was tracked to swab 3. For a quantitative comparison, the percent of reads supporting the presence of Lactobacillus was calculated for swab 1. Thanks for your thoughts PrincessBump7 I am aware where the fertilized egg implants:) And I hope there isn't a soul in the world that believes it's in the vagina lol. I have found a number of threads with identical situations but they're dated. Looking for someone who's experienced this recently or currently. Pamela. Age: 23. All Natural Girl Here!! I'm an all natuarl strawberry blonde no fake dyes! 36 B, 23 years old, long RED???? hair all the way down to my waistline Crinone vaginal gel (progesterone) Nov 28, - I'm currently on day 9 after ET and have another 8 days before my clinic want me to test. dragging and pulling in lower abdom which i didnt have she did have the sharp pains on a different day (midwife said this could be embryo burrowing deeper).my friend tested 7days later with hpt she had a BFP!!! Oct 23, - You are at danger to develop OHSS immediately after your egg retrieval. Big shocker for me. The Ovidrel shot can makes things worse. (They can do Lupron instead. If you are worried, ask them about it.) Be prepared to have your embryo transfer canceled because your symptoms can get much worse if you.

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Mckenzie. Age: 24. Fun down to earth drama free looking for a man to please and take care of each other 150 pds green eyes long red hair Italian and Irish serious inquiries only ??? Oct 22, - They decided to tell me the day after transfer that the last one died. I have to wait another eight days to find out if I am pregnant (fingers crossed). Continuously tired, crying one minute happy the next, sore breasts, slight cramping, fluttering in the stomach? Is this good or bad? I will keep you all in my futurelearning.infog: deep. This is my first IVF, after 3 failed IUIs. I really hope this I have had cramping on and off since the night of transfer. yesterday I started to get when felt like stabbing pains in my vagina (sorry, tmi) my cervix maybe? Don't give up hope, some people get BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) after 14 futurelearning.infog: deep. Jan 6, - Methods. Thirty patients had blood drawn for estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4) at four time points during the IVF-ET cycle and at 4–6 weeks of gestation, if pregnant. Vaginal swabs were obtained in different hormonal milieu, and the vaginal microbiome determined by deep sequencing of the 16S.


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