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Nov 23, - A delicious femdom fable structured (I kid you not) on the model of O. Henry's classic Christmas tale, “Gift of the Magi.” And it's every bit as romantic and sentimental, which is not easily done in a story that includes a chastity tube, corporal punishment and financial domination. All of this is cleverly woven. Worshipping Your Wife Angie. Age: 25. A warm sensual welcome to you all She took financial control, she did not ask for it. Why, then, is he not willing to do anything, on a daily basis, to keep her contented? Feb 24, - Femdom blog includes female domination, foot fetish and foot futurelearning.info and futurelearning.infos mistress and slave. Darryl. Age: 21. COB Goddess Thoughts These are some of the best femdom, kink and sex blogs that I've found over the years. If you find a dead link or want to point me at a new blog to add, then feel free to email me. May 1, - Your number one source for free femdom pics and sites.

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Jackie. Age: 24. Coco Chanel Jan 29, - As most of you know I generally find these so called femdom books boring and repetitive. Why men like to read them I have no idea. Shades of Pink by April Reyne is different. Yes, there was sex in it, but there was more. The book was also about commitment and trust between two people whose characters. Jan 18, - LADY SUSAN: SHOWCASING ANOTHER FEMALE-LED FAMILY. I thoroughly enjoyed Becky Sue's comments on female-led families. We have female-led families within our social circle, and I can report that these structures work very well indeed. Female-led families instill a sense of superiority, privilege. Feb 26, - Esta recopilación de enlaces es mía, la hice to solito y puede ser usada por cualquiera. Disfrútala. Adore Femdom es mi tumblr blog. This collection of links is mine, I done it alone and you can use it. Enjoy it. Adore Femdom is my tumblr blog. (Femdom) Punishment Blog (tumblr); 21st Century Real Men.


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