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Once upon a time, there was a naughty young lady. Usually she did not intend to be naughty, it just comes naturally. Unfortunately for this lovely young lady's bottom, she has a (mean) daddy who (cruelly) spanks her when every she is naughty. A Variation on the Teen Spanking Story Teenage sexual spanking (June ). Punishing Her Ass - spanking anal boss mf office Jana. Age: 27. please contact with me The only mark was wear her panty line was. Memoria di Katerina Adult erotic spanking. Feb 3, - Even if it meant putting a stop to her behavior like my mother had done for me years earlier. You see, Kara had witnessed the kind of punishment my mother had inflicted on me when I had an attitude. When we were in 9th grade, she had watched my mother give me a bare bottom spanking with both her. Josie. Age: 22. I am outgoing and sociable personality, active lifestyle Claire's Bare Bottom Nov 27, - Vanessa's curiosity on the subject of spanking had driven her to misbehave horribly until her parents finally decided that she needed a spanking. Her daddy had taken her over his knee, bared her little bottom, and spanked her. That one session hadn't cured her curiosity, but rather had heightened it. She was mad. She hated being spanked, especially over Mark's knee. He stopped and patted her bottom, "stand up" he instructed. She stood up and crossed her arms. "Check that attitude or you will get the belt, you were a bad girl and are going to be punished." He unzipped her skirt and motioned for her to step out of it.

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Avy. Age: 24. NO blocked calls My stepdaughter Julie stumbled in through the front door of my house, and she was dressed in a yellow short skirt, a white top, and a faux fur coat. In short, she dressed like a hooker even though I overheard her protesting her virginity to a boyfriend on the telephone last week. She is a 5'3" blonde with a round bottom that. Wife is accidentally purchased. A daughter takes over. An obsession. Suzanne is kidnapped and trained. Girl accepts spanking and caning to pass the course. Laura wants to know what caning feels like. A week with her bully. and other exciting erotic at! May 19, - What a major screw-up. I had just learned that my young and very attractive PA, Therese, had been leaving data off the monthly report spreadsheets for the last six months. The damage wasn't severe: but it made the office look like it was under-performing when it wasn't. Still, my boss' bonus was going to be.


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