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Jun 14, - But what seems most revelatory about the movie is its portrayal of their two teenage children who track down their sperm donor biological father and insist on Nearly half of donor offspring, and more than half of adoptees, agree, "It is better to adopt than to use donated sperm or eggs to have a child.". New study shows sperm-donor kids suffer. Gracie. Age: 20. My hours are 12pm -6pm In my opinion, the younger you find out about it, the easier it is to adjust to it. At most the children are told he's a "seed provider" or "the nice guy who gave me what I needed to have you" or the "Y Guy" or any number of other cute euphemisms that signal powerfully to children that this man should be of little, if any, importance to them. Oct 22, - I don't really share that I was a sperm donor baby though because kids in elementary school looked at me funny when I first found out and started telling people. It might be interesting to know about my biological Dad but I also feel like that would complicate my life in a useless way.” —Grace, beetlejuice. Jaime. Age: 18. I'm young 12 Sperm Donor Kids On What It’s Like Growing Up Without Knowing Your Biological Father At All A very kind man helped by giving us (sperm, seeds), so Mommy could have a baby. The man who helped us is called a (sperm) donor.' 'Babies grow when a sperm and egg come together. The baby grows in mommy's tummy. Our donor gave his sperm so I could grow you.' 'One day I said 'Have I got a dad?' Then Mum told. Nov 22, - From the start, conceiving a child with donor sperm was shrouded in secrecy, a dirty little detail to be swept under the rug. What did it matter how a baby was gotten as long as happy families were made? The practice spread quietly for much of the 20th century, often as the discreet handiwork of physicians.

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Asia. Age: 29. My name is Tammy, i'm from Tel-Aviv, Israel Jan 29, - Please don't forget that infertility “treatments” like egg and sperm donation affect the people they help to create. Two-thirds of adult donor offspring agree with the statement “My sperm donor is half of who I am. . Prospective parents are also given dossiers of babies/kids they would like to consider. I'm a donor conceived child, the daughter of a lesbian couple who decided they wanted a child together 26ish years ago. My parents told me I Never Knew I Was a Donor Baby. I didn't think About 10 years later she finally acknowledges that he's not my “sperm donor but is my dad and will always be”. She claims to. Certain that other donor offspring would have the same curiosity as Ryan about his genetic origins - yet also knowing that sadly, no public outlet existed for mutual consent contact between people born from anonymous sperm or egg donation, this site was started as the logical next step to making those connections.


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