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Take this survey! What kind of socks are you wearing? Do your feet stink right now? Do your feet stink worse: If I let you smell my feet, would you: Do you think my feet stink: If you could wear any kind of socks right now, what kind would they be? What age group aare you Has anyone ever let you smell their feet? Do you think. foot fetish Survey Kacey. Age: 22. Je n'ai pa de limites aux dimensions celestes du plaisir et aux oceans du desir. I can't imagine how many potential clients saw that! Feb 19, - Questions and answers about foot fetish theme. As we know, foot fetish is a common sexual attraction to this body part. How is the favourite feet for fetishists? Wich accessories Read more» · Polls & Surveys common foot fetish practises, favourite feet types, foot fetish poll survey, foot fetish survey, foot. Lucie. Age: 30. hi Foot fetish survey Jul 12, - Nothing special lol. Apr 19, - Do you have a foot fetish? If not, you can still go on answering the poll. Yes. No. Not sure. Do you find feet attractive? yes - I find it erotic. yes - feet are just nice. feet are just feet, nothing special about it. no - I hate feet. Since when were you interested in feet? as long as I remmember. since childhood.

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Brandie. Age: 26. I'm versatile and have a naughty dominant side that i show to the ones who need to be disciplined and controlled. If you are seeking for a dominant woman who can play with your mind and body, if you want to become her sex toy, her pet, her slave, if you need to be disciplined or crave worshiping a beautiful goddess, then look no further! You need me and i want to own you. I have enough imagination, sex toys and outfits to use on sessions. Some of my outfits and sex toys can be seen in my pictures but my imagination, my personal style, you will have the chance and pleasure to discover only when we’ll meet. I also travel to europe at request. Feb 15, - “I signed up for a sugar daddy website (SeekingArrangement) as I was so desperate for money at one stage to pay for university. If you don't know I had some very weird requests, for example someone had a fetish for massaging people's feet and was prepared to pay US$ for a meet up! And many. In focus group sessions and the survey data (particularly the survey data where responses were anonymous), young people routinely made light of Internet safety issues, reflecting a critical knowledge about the relationship “Setting up sexual meetings with middle aged men”; and “pedo. com is not a foot fetish site! 4. On a scale of , how strong is your foot fetish? (10 being strongest). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. * 5. Do you prefer to be submissive or dominant sexually? Submissive. Dominant. Switch/both. Neither. * 6. Do you have any other fetishes? Yes. No. * 7. How do you like your feet? Bare. Shoes. Socks. * 8. How old were you.


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