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Jan 10, - The point here isn't that you're an asshole for having kids. It's that your But I'll have had a shitload of guilt-free fun, with plenty of money left over to pay for my bankrupt soul, and hopefully eldercare. And that Obviously this is a public space, which has now been thoroughly infected by your asshole child. Love Slave for Two: Retribution [Love Slave for Two 6] - Tymber Dalton - Google Books Rosalva. Age: 21. No rush ALL FUN Please report all such posts. Tl;dr at the bottom. This is a semi-rant/hopefully funny story, enjoy! Also, typing on mobile so excuse formatting/any other errors. Like My daughter is an asshole: breakingmom. Isolde. Age: 29. When you are looking for a good looking and sexy girl in Tel-Aviv, you have to meet with Polina She’s Not An A**hole. She’s Just A 3-Year-Old. You still trying to railroad me or my daughters, asshole?” He shook his head. “Did you kill Cole Johnson?” “No! We keep telling you we're innocent. Zoey is the victim of a crime, here. You have some unknown person caught on camera. Go look for that asshole! They probably stole the damn gun.” He slowly shook his head. She's not an asshole; she's just a 3-year-old. Her sweet little friend implores her to join her in a game of “walk the stick.” (WTF? Whatever.) My daughter politely refuses. Her angelic-looking friend's little face crumples with disappointment. “Sophie?” I remind her pleasantly. “Remember how sad you were last week when you.

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Helena. Age: 27. Do you like porn? Yes, porn “Get away from my daughters, asshole!” The first man pulled himself together enough to stand, and this time, he dug inside his jacket. All she could think about was him pulling out a gun and using it on her children. The tiger reared up inside her, and she leaped on him, driving a fist into his face. Her knuckles burned, but his. "What an asshole." "You're right," the male host said. "He really is an asshole." Here's what I did not think: I've got the title for my next album. Instead I got my cell phone and called them. "This is William Shat- ner," I said. "And I am not an asshole!" Then we started arguing about whether or not I was an asshole. Finally I asked. Harry had his hands cuffed behind his back. “He's going to kill my daughters,” he said. “He's probably done it bynow.” “Whois he?” Coach asked. “The fucking asshole who tookmy place of business hostage. He's inmy house with my daughters. Told me if I didn't come down here and shoot up the team, he was going to kill.


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