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May 28, - Try using the unsrtnat style instead and cite multiple references using the same cite command (\cite{ref1,ref2,ref3}). If that doesn't help, please provide a minimal working example and I'll be happy to see what's going on in your code. Finally, I strongly suggest moving to the biblatex package, unless you. PeerJ - How do I cite multiple references in latex? Melena. Age: 25. Come for a session of pure bliss April at 0: But I want to see [1]-[3]. Jul 7, - Multiple citations. A convention sometimes used in physics journals is to “collapse” a group of related citations into a single entry in the bibliography. BibTeX, by default, can't cope with this arrangement, but the mcite and mciteplus packages deal with the problem. mcite overloads the \cite command to. Evilyn. Age: 24. Warm welcome to Thailand Multiple citations Feb 26, - Thanks Adam - there are two options: Use bibpunct[, ]{(}{)}{;}{a}{,}{,} just before begin{document} command which will put ";" as a citep separator. Alternately, use (citealtp{ref1}; citealtp{ref2}; citealtp{ref3}) wherever you are using multiple citations. As a general rule though you don't need to worry about this. Oct 22, - There are ways to change how bibtex formats your citations. One way is to use the cite package. Another is the natbib package perhaps with the sort&compress option (i.e., \usepackage[sort&compress]{natbib}). Many publications also have their own styles that will accomplish this, I often use the revtex.

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Mercedes. Age: 28. Well spend great time together! Jul 21, - includes the references corresponding with the keys in the reference list, but does not generate a citation in the text. Therefore, it does not allow a pre- or postfix. However, it does allow multiple citations. Like the standard LATEX command,. \nocite{*} includes all references from file in the reference. We do not currently have any LaTeX style files for the Imperial College London referencing formats. The following is an example of a Harvard style output which uses the natbib package. Natbib allows more flexibility in citation format and the specified bibliography style allows the inclusion of URLs for electronic resources. bibliography with LATEX is described in section 2, starting from the basics and arriving at advanced customization. Bibliographic styles for both the list of references and in-text-citations are analyzed in section 3. The last two sections (4 and 5) analyze two of the most powerful packages available: natbib and BibLATEX.


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