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Spanked Hard By My Boyfriend For Disobeying: A true, personal story from the experience, I Like to Be Spanked By My Husband. My boyfriend, is so gentle and loving, and very attentive!! One day before he left for work, I was still half sleeping and he came over to my side of the bed, kissed my forehead, eyelids, nose and. My favorite spanking story | Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking Regina. Age: 26. my name is monica. I am charming and beautiful young girl, born in europe, very intelligent, well educated and with many interests. I am a perfect lady in public and yet i can be very naughty and passionate in private. I said I wanna be done. Maybe it will give him ideas for my Christmas present? Bubby (older brother spank-fic) by i__love__you_. Bubby (older brother spank-fic). By i__love__you_. K About an older brother and his little sister. Contains spanking. Don't like? Don't read. His Way by HisWay His Way. By HisWay K Elena liked Liam the first time she laid eyes on him. Nora. Age: 24. please contact with me My Controlling Strict Boyfriend Today I got spanked. My boyfriend spanked me. I have been sick for about a week. I been moody and he has been putting up with it. I've improved a lot the past two days. Not so sick anymore. Today I was being rude and yelling and cussing because he wouldn't listen to what I tried to tell him to do. Finally he said that's it. Sep 27, - When she doesn't listen, time for a spanking!

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Topanga. Age: 30. I appreciate you taking the extra time to visit my site, I have personally put forth the effort to provide you with as much information as possible Girls, Have You Even Been Spanked By A Boyfriend/Husband As A Punishment? Guys, have you ever spanked your girlfriend/wife as a punishment? I'm just curious. If so, what did you or what did they do to earn it? asked under Marriage & Weddings. Dec 12, - p.m. I'm turned over Boyfriend's lap, my dress pulled up and my stockings pulled down. I'm getting a “maintenance” spanking, which is what we call it when he spanks me just for fun. This goes on for maybe ten or fifteen minutes; I can take it pretty long without it being painful. After the spanking, I. Apr 12, - Simple and easy guide on How to Spank Your Girlfriend, for first timers! You already know why you should spank your girlfriend. .. Also before anyone comes back at me, with their comments, yes I am a feminist, no I am not a lesbian, yes I have a boyfriend, and a career, and am very happy and had a.


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