Tight ass vs loose hole

Sep 10, - I feel a way overused/abused stretched hole gives no pleasure to the top. I have fucked guys like that and I feel nothing, * * * literally * * *. Also, it's annoying to see the bottom quiet, as he feels nothing, not a single moan. My ass is pretty tight. I've been told how good it feels. So why would I intentionally ruin it. Loose or tight hole - General Discussion - Breeding Zone Angie. Age: 21. I am just a normal girl whit t-shirt and jeans hehe.you can talk whit me and have fun whit me.i am smart and nice :-) My ex had a big, thick, cut dick and he fucked me several times a week for 8 years. Wide, wet, sloppy, like a cave both for dick-fucking, foot-fucking and Fisting, and hopefully the bttm is already loaded and sweats like a pig. Feb 16, - Question for tops and versatile guys Do you like a guys hole loose or tight? I get fisted a lot and can relax my ass to take a huge cock with no effort. Alanah. Age: 24. I am a 29 year old fully independent Thai escort based in Bangkok, Thailand Free Davey Wavey Fitness Tips & Secrets Sign Up Dec 5, - When I spread my ass in the mirror it's not I can clearly see it should be tighter. I have compared it to pictures/porn videos of other people and there's are much tighter. When I spread it, it's like a black hole lol. Not like a huge gape in pornos but it should be tight. It's not closed like it should be, it's open. It feels. Aug 3, - It's pretty cruel: You're a new bottom and your ass is “tight,” meaning you have not learned how to train the anal spinchter to relax or open on command. For some bottoms — myself included — this temporary, post-marathon-sex “loose” feeling is part of the fun, as is the act of nursing your wrecked hole the.

Male masturbation techniques max stimulation

Anikka. Age: 25. My name is jenny I am a 25 year old model, how to take care of a gentleman is my speciality Dec 5, - Love, Davey. P.S. If tighter abs (and not just a tight anus) are part of your fitness goals, download Davey Wavey's Six Pack Program and get started today! . It was an intense fucking and I'm a thin boy so my little hole has become loose after the fact, but came back to normal in a two days. It feels great to. Iv been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and n the past month or so my ass has become so loose he goes soft when we first started going out i Yes,is your mouth tight? Reply may be your boyfriend's willie rather than your ass. I think a few weeks without anal will tighten your hole again though. Nickname for someone who is gay or is acting extremely gay. Meaning there poop chute is wide open. Loose Asses can often be heard coming by the distinct flapping of their ass cheeks. 2. A girl who gets rammed in her B-hole very often.


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