12 gauge gelatin penetration

you know im thinking,a slug makes perfect home defense round, they always seem to penetrate about 12 to. The Firing Line Forums Nadia. Age: 21. i will only meet with those who can give me a good offer. Closeup of the entrance hole. Feb 27, - As a result, this gelatin block exhibits slightly more elasticity than our standard blocks and consequently deeper penetration. .. while still needing the relative accuracy associated with a single projectile, we'd have no reservations endorsing this load as a medium range precision 12 gauge round. Olivia. Age: 22. New here Shotgun Penetration With Various Rounds The 12 gauge shotgun is the king of close-range shooting. Notice from Figure 1 that the maximum penetration depth was inches in 20% ballistic gelatin. This penetration depth in that medium is far too deep - valuable wounding potential would be lost out the back of the target as the pellets would still have substantial. The ammunition tested during this test event was provided by the customer and were as below: Gauge. Shell Length. Projectile. 00 Buckshot. Penetration depth is the maximum straight-line distance traveled by the pellet into the gelatin block. Pellet surface area is conceptually the same as 'expanded.

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Connie. Age: 28. * back in Munich * Aug 15, - Federal Tactical Slug, 12 gauge " chamber. Mossberg with 20” barrel ” penetration. Final overall diameter = ” 16x6x6 inch block, upon being struck with the projectile, flipped feet into the air and off of the test stand. Permanent cavity was 6” in diameter, until ” depth. Block calibrated. All tests were conducted with an Ithaca Model 37 gauge pump action shotgun, serial number The shotgun had a 26% inch barrel with a poly choke attached. The full choke setting was used for all test shots. The choke was measured using a star gauge. The shotgun was chambered for 2% inch shotshells only. Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1 (3 Disc/12 BB's). Gauge: Shell Length: 2 ½ Inches. Test Medium: 10% Ballistic Gelatin. Barrier: Heavy Cloth*. Velocity: Test Gun: Taurus Judge, 3-Inch Barrel. Disk Penetration (Inches) = , , / Avg. BB Penetration =


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