Babysitter was right to spank me

Yes I did when twice in 1 day I was 7 my babysitter was 17 I was with her and we went to the store I wanted her to buy me something and she said no so I had a temper tantrum and she said stop and I said no she then said if I have to ask you once more I'm gonna pull your pants down and spank your bum real hard in front of. A babysitting situation debate - Hot Topics | Forums | What to Expect Oklahoma. Age: 24. Upscale, joyful, SEXY lady(20) Did your kid say something awesome? My SIL (sister-in-law) raised them to be well-manner and obedient but for some reason they kind of took advantage of me knowing that I wouldn't punish them. My question: Do you think I would have the right to spank them? It was never discussed among me and SIL (sister-in-law) but DH (dear husband)  my 2 year old said the sitter spanked her?:. Nonna. Age: 27. Jast call me now When I Babysit, Do I Have to Spank Kids if Parents Ask Me to? May 10, - (In fact, I don't think kids have to be spanked to be disciplined, but that's just me.) It's legal for babysitter's to spank kids, but a parent can forbid it. Under the law, babysitters act "in loco parentis," latin for "in the place of a parent." A babysitter can do anything a parent could legally do, including spanking. I'm the Babysitter, You Can't Spank Me!: 5 Book Collection of Alpha Male Punishing, Spanking, Discipline, BDSM the Babysitter Brat - Kindle edition by R. James. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading I'm the.

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Mandi. Age: 26. Hi there. Im a young, sexy, cheeky girl who would love to pleasure you. I am tall and slim, english, pale with red hair and blue eyes. I am friendly, smily with a wild side that maybe your get to see :p Then S4 came up outta nowhere and told DH that the babysitter spanked S2 twice. Without prompting or asking, he just told him. But there are no unusual marks on his body or signs that S2 had been spanked. He also told me about the spanking when I asked how the babysitter was. He demonstrated the. "Why can't we spank her? She needs it." "She's not going to stand around and let us spank her." I raised an eyebrow. "I'm willing to bet she'll take a spanking if it means she can come over for a slice of you." "You want to share me with her? After all this?" Bourbon, Babysitter, and Blackmail ~ Laran Mithras CHAPTER What happened to my brother?" Lottie asked softly. Louis suddenly realized how he was acting. "Lots, I-I am so sorry for how I was acting. I really am." Louis said softly. Lottie looked unsure. "Well, I-I can't forgive you yet not until I-" Lottie was interrupted by Louis saying the exact words she was going to say. "Spank me right?


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