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Nov 20, - Everything you need to know to prevent razor bumps. In the case of your bikini line, a poorly planned hair-removal experience can leave you with a “hangover” of red, itchy ingrown hairs and razor bumps. But there's no need to . How you treat your skin after hair removal is key to preventing ingrowns. How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps – How to Prevent Razor Bumps Anna. Age: 27. * back in Munich * Scrub — prepping your skin before shaving is important. May 16, - Check out my quick and easy tips on how to shave your bikini line and avoid any embarrassment. I can't think of anything more embarrassing than being on vacation and having those nasty little bikini bumps hanging out near my nether region. I'm sure most, if not Preventing Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. Sierra. Age: 29. Ebony Goddess Maddix James Here for your satisfaction and discretion Former Stripper Reveals Tips On How To Prevent Razor Burn On Bikini Line Preventing and treating bikini bumps are a common quandary amongst women. Although we can take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place, we rarely talk about them until we get them! If you're tired of dealing with bikini bumps, razor bumps and ingrown hairs, let's talk about what we can do in preventing. Sep 2, - The most popular method for removing hair from your lady parts? Shaving. In fact, a study by the University of Texas found that 77 percent of women shave their bikini line, as opposed to trimming it with scissors or using hair-removal cream. But bumps, redness, and irritation are almost always part of the.

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Irma. Age: 18. I am charming and have been told I am very wild in the bedroom Jan 30, - strategies to a bump-free bikini line. What makes her techniques so trustworthy, you ask? She's a former stripper. In other words, she really know what it's like to have every one in the room staring at your vag — literally. Find out what her tips are below. Do you have any tips for preventing razor burn? Ingrown hairs occur when a strand of hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin, resulting in an inflamed, red bump. And when we're waxing and shaving a lot, they're more likely to rear their ugly head. Breaking these four bad habits will keep your bikini line happy and a whole lot less bumpy throughout the sunny.


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