Homemade salt lick

Uncle Goat shows you how to make the ultimate cheap homemade deer salt lick, mineral block substitute. How to Make Your Own Salt Block | futurelearning.info Ava. Age: 20. i am a sexi woman who loves sex To simulate a natural lick locate an old stump near the trail you plan to use. How to make a Homemade Salt Block for Deer Hunting - Rough Rock Outdoors - Duration: Rough Rock. Indianna. Age: 22. My name is Carly Rose how to make a salt block Oct 3, - Salt blocks, also known as salt licks, are used by farmers for domesticated animals and by hunters to attract deer. futurelearning.info states that salt Different geographical locations and altitudes may require more water than others to form the paste consistency while making the salt block. If your paste becomes. The best location for a salt/mineral lick is on an existing well traveled trail near a water source and by the side of a trail leading to a food plot. Natural minerals and salt are fairly common in almost all areas where the deer live however by making one and placing them near areas you want to hunt the hunter or wildlife.

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Mimi. Age: 21. I'm a young classy lady, educated and I have a career Jun 14, - ok so i look online and get about different recipes for a mineal lick. my question is this. how do i make a BLOCK? what can i use to make this. Aug 15, - Does anyone use homemade salt licks? What do you guys put in em'? I recently just put out 2 today made of gals. of water, a cup of sugar, a cup of salt.


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