Tim buckley is an asshole

May 2, - But Algrant's film—which he co-wrote with Emma Sheanshang and David Brendel—is really about Tim Buckley's son, Jeff, an equally adventurous rocker rock vocalists of all time, but because he has to wring some charm out of a character who mostly comes across as a cocky, aloof, irreverent asshole. Larry Beckett interview Lucky. Age: 24. im jennifer..young czech lady..my main hobby is travelling - thats why im open to meet you whereever you want.. I think what you're seeing is an amalgamation of Tim's reputation for being a giant douchebag coupled with his unfunny comic and his " If you don't think my comic is funny, you suck and don't understand my art " attitude. tl;dr Tim Buckley is a jerk. Plain and . I came to this thread to find out why Reddit hates folk/freejazz singer Tim Buckley, writer behind the legendary albums Lorca and Happy/Sad. I leave . If you want to know what is up with 4chan's rabid hatred of Buckley, well, spend more time on futurelearning.info does the internet hate the webcomic CtrlAltDel. Ilaria. Age: 29. No hanging out Post a comment in response: Larry Beckett- Tim Buckley's songwriting partner- an interview. Jun 19, - Tim Buckley is a real piece of work. CAD started ok and was entertaining, but if there was ever a reason to stop enjoying something because the creator is an asshole it's this. He treats his own fans like shit amongst other things. Just Google him for it all. And he claims he's been through the experience of a.

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Phyllisha. Age: 23. Visiting Atlanta---Available days & nights --7 days a week for company combined with a fbsm Oct 28, - Tim Buckley spends his days being an incredible asshole to anyone who may try to undermine him, shitting out copy-and-paste comics with stolen jokes and stupidly slow plotlines and generally trying to make more money any way possible. It is currently unknown if he is actually a money hoarding Jew. Aug 10, - And to mark the tenth anniversary of Buckley's death there was the obnoxious "greatest hits" album, So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley. The standard things said about Buckley, son of Tim Buckley, include his soaring falsetto - referred to in an early interview on this latest release as "a vocal elasticity"; and. Jun 13, - Tim Buckley of Ctrl-Alt-Del is notorious for having a zero tolerance for any criticism, constructive or otherwise, often deleting it unregarded from his forums, or declaring them invalid .. Not to say that he isn't an asshole, or that his comic isn't one of the worst I've read, just that there are better ways to attack it.


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