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Dec 18, - Don't wear any underwear that shows - even if your bra straps match your top. Shorts. Jeans. Skirts that are too Pantyhose: The question of whether women should wear pantyhose on a job interview created a lot of discussion on this site and the answer was an overwhelming yes. Here's more on wearing. Here's What to Wear for a Job Interview at Any Company Cristal. Age: 19. Smart and sexy companion I find that buying one size larger also helps to reduce runs. Perhaps my question is a bit trite, but do I have to wear pantyhose to an interview? I usually just wear slacks to an interview, but I bought this killer new suit, and it has a skirt, so the issue has come up again in my life. do I need to wear a suit to a job interview? Lucen. Age: 21. Did you make plans yet? It’s me with my kitty cat wondering what sort of trouble i can get into tonight. Why don’t you find out how you can take advantage? I am waiting for your e-maill so i can make it a memorable evening that you will remember long after you leave from me. I will be waiting. What to Wear for Your Job Interview at Any Company I've never worn them to a job interview and wouldn't feel comfortable doing so. In my field, daily wear is business casual, so I look sharp in a suit even without pantyhose. You should always try to be the best dressed person there for your interview, so if the job requires wearing panyhose or wearing a suit daily, then I'd wear. Jan 23, - I was visiting with a friend who has a big interview coming up, and we were discussing the right outfit for her to wear. In the debate over skirt suit versus pant suit, the topic of stockings came up when she exclaimed, “Pantyhose are so !” Au contraire mon frere! Pantyhose are so Seriously, I get that.

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Kina. Age: 29. Hello, my name is Geovana, first time in Lisbon; Jan 28, - We've also heard of folks who hate tights with a suit (which we also disagree with — tights, to us, are fine for any day when you're NOT interviewing or something Personally, I always interview in a pantsuit because then I don't have to worry about what color my hose are or if I'm showing too much leg. Feb 16, - I get it—dressing for an interview isn't always the most comfortable. After all, who actually likes ties, pantyhose, or high heels? But, while you can't show up in your pajama pants, you should still opt to incorporate at least a little bit of comfort into your interview ensemble. Why? Well, if you attend your. Feb 6, - Top women from industries ranging from tech to law weigh in on what to wear to a job interview and nail it. “You don't need to wear pantyhose anymore, and I even see women wearing peep-toe shoes,” she says, something that was verboten in recent years. “It's not just dressing conservatively; it's about.


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