Smoking marajuana lower sperm count

Aug 28, - Men who smoke marijuana frequently may have lower sperm counts, a new study finds. Does Marijuana Affect Sperm Count and Male Fertility? Irma. Age: 28. tina However, studies suggest that urine-, blood-, and oral-fluid tests designed to measure marijuana use are unlikely to detect use further back than 1 month, whereas in this study we assessed use during the past 3 months. We did not obtain information on these factors, but previous studies have suggested a dose and time dependence 6 , 22 , 30— Jul 18, - Some of the men did not use marijuana, some used it weekly or less, and some used it more than once per week. In the study, “Regular marijuana smoking more than once per week was associated with a 28% lower sperm concentration and a 29% lower total sperm count after adjustment for confounders.”. Eleanor. Age: 23. Discretion and cleanliness is a must, and i ask for the same in return. 3 Surprising Facts About How Smoking Weed Impacts Your Sperm Apr 13, - If you don't want to become a parent, but are using cannabis, it might be a good time to discuss contraceptives. That old myth that smoking weed lowers sperm count could well be busted. Many of the studies that have propagated the myth that weed lowers sperm count did not factor for other general health. Oct 25, - According to the findings, “sperm concentration, total sperm count, percentage of motile sperm, and percentage of morphologically normal forms were all lower among men smoking marijuana more than once per week.” However, it's important to point out that only 28% of the participants who smoked.

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Sofia. Age: 27. Hello, Dear Gentleman! My name is Jane I give high-quality ESCORT service Oct 18, - Does smoking weed lower your sperm count? We get this question, a lot. In short, possibly. However, the scientific jury is still out since there just hasn't been enough research conducted to definitively evaluate the effect of marijuana on male fertility. Here are three facts about how marijuana impacts your. Up in Smoke. By Kimberly Sanchez WebMD Feature. Feb. 19, -- They certainly don't recommend it as a means of birth control, but researchers say marijuana may limit the likelihood that pot-smoking couples will conceive a child. Cannabis has been reported to reduce sperm count, but a recent study conducted at the. Oct 13, - Marijuana smoking makes sperm less fertile -- even if the woman is the one who smokes it, a new study suggests.


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