How do i get my dad to spank me?

Answer: I've read your 'Answers' section and have a question of my own regarding spanking. My father is a devout Christian and shares your views on not sparing the rod. I am nineteen now and am still given very sound spankings by my father. He uses a leather strap or small switch and often lays on a couple of dozen. How do I ask my dad to spank me? | Yahoo Answers Remy. Age: 27. Hello dear Gentlemen He started saving up my spankings for Saturday mornings. Jan 9, - I want my mom to spank me. Before I go on, I know this As I got into my teen years, I started to ignore any punishments my mom would give me. I would watch TV My mom goes downstairs, and I hear her say to my dad: "What she needs is a good spanking", he agreed but nothing was done. I've matured. Luigina. Age: 22. I'm dedicated to provide the best escort service and fulfill your desire about night time experience How do I ask my dad to spank me? May 17, - The next time you do something bad, and he wants to ground you- ask him to spank you instead. Or have a girlfriend spank you with a wooden hairbrush - make sure you two are alone in the house though.:). Nov 26, - Then his big hand started spanking my bare skin over and over again until I was crying uncontrollably. I have heard girls and women enjoy spankings and become wet while being punished but it was very painful and not sexually exciting at all. At least not for me. I could feel my father's hard penis through.

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Arial. Age: 18. Call me to enjoy a no rush session with a beautiful open minded girl with southern charm He spanked me many times after this always over his knee i did not look forward to his spankings but i preffered a spanking from dad rather than mom, mom still spanked me but i always got a funny feeling in my stomach when i knew i was going over dads knee and his big hard hand was going to be slapping my bare. Jul 30, - I don't think my parents "abused" me like many people would make out strong disciplining parents to be. I'm thankful my parents spanked me for doing wrong. It made me realize that every action I make has consequences. I attribute those spankings to always making me think three or four steps ahead of my. Jun 24, - Why do you have to tell mom and dad about this?' I asked. "Because nothing I have done is as bad as what you have done." She answered. "And for once I would like to see you go down. For once I would like to see you spanked." "Um, news flash." I said rolling my eyes. "Dad would not spank me.


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