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The “time” shown on a man's particular biological clock is a function of how much semen he ejaculates, how many and how healthy his sperm is, his testosterone level, and the quality and reliability of his erections. Men scoring high on these measures are biologically young regardless of their age, although some. 20 Things You May Not Have Known About Semen Renae. Age: 30. Dear Gentlemen What nutritionists feed their children. May 29, - It's quite surprising how many dead and abnormal sperm can be present in a 'normal' sample. Measuring sperm count is a very technical business and results can be affected by many factors, including the length of time between ejaculation and semen sample analysis, and how the sample is kept when. Chayse. Age: 27. If you are looking for a genuine independent educated well mannered lady of indian origin lady, look no further Sperm: 15 crazy things you should know Sep 29, - How much semen comes out when you ejaculate? You may think it's enough to fill a pint glass, but the average amount is half a teaspoon. This could contain anything between 40 to million of the little wrigglers. Jun 1, - According to Morgentaler, "guys are into quantity and not so much quality." Only a bit more than half the semen in an average ejaculation can swim, he says, and up to 70–90% are not ideally shaped for swimming. We are talking two heads, two tails, big heads, small heads, big tails, small tails, no tails it's.

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Gizelle. Age: 25. I provide incall service to my apartment or I can come to your hotel or home Oct 1, - But why do men need to produce this amount of sperm? The answer may not be far-fetched. Looking at things closely, outside the body, sperm can only survive for a short amount of time. When a man ejaculates, about milliliters of semen is produced. Also, each ejaculate contains as many as Dec 14, - Frequent Sex: There's only so much semen that your body can produce. If you've been ejaculating frequently (daily or more), chances are your natural stores are running pretty low, causing a lower volume. Vitamin Deficiencies: How you fuel your body can affect performance on a lot of fronts, especially.


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