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May 11, - Dear Alice,. My professor in my health class made it an assignment to come visit this web-site and I have enjoyed it! I was wondering if you can give me more information on a tilted uterus? Recently when I went for my yearly, my doctor told me I had a tilted uterus and that it might cause me discomfort. Is this. Tilted uterus | Go Ask Alice! Jana. Age: 23. Hey my name is Alexa I am from Moscow just visiting Germany i'm available 24 hours just call me I can come to your home hotel office everywhere are you one More information about text formats. So when I was 15 1/2 I tried to lose my virginity and it took me over six months to actually lose it. When I finally did I went to my gyno to have my first annual exam and when I did she asked if it took me a long time to lose my virginity. At that point she told me I had an extremely tilted uterus. Before I lost my. Morgana. Age: 18. I take my time with you Invalid URL Jul 1, - 10 signs of a tipped Uterus: stacks_image_ Painful Menstruation and Ovulation; Irregular menstrual cycles; Menstrual cycles that are clotty and dark in color; Hormone imbalances (depression, anxiety, early menopause, difficult menopause); Chronic low back pain especially during menstruation. I didn't know I had a tipped uterus until I went to my gyno recently (my first one never mentioned it). I asked her what that basically meant for me. She said that it means that some sex positions can be uncomfortable (which I've found to be true but it's only at a couple real specific angles) and that you tend to have lower back.

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Taylor. Age: 21. Hello we are nice young sexy girls if you like meet with two girls pls write and lets talk kiss In short, my girlfriend has a retroverted uterus and a small frame generally, and my penis is above average in terms o. I just lost my virginity like 2months ago or 3 I read on a Internet page that retroverted uterus can cause me to not b able to conceived and that's really sad ]= I'm scared I don't even want to. I see people here saying that the cervix will feel like the tip of your nose or like a hard bump (and immediately beyond this bump would be the opening to the uterus). I do have a very noticeable hard bump on my vaginal wall *less than 3/4 of an inch in*. Insofar as my tiny finger will go, I CAN put the finger in  Severly tilted uterus and constant leakage woes. Feb 27, - Tilted uterus also referred to as a tipped uterus or retroversion of the uterus can cause pain during sexual intercourse. all the way through my lower back – I just chalked it up to being a virgin and figured it would improve,” said Maggie Flynn of Bozeman, Montana, speaking under an assumed name.


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