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Apr 7, - The epic battle between ABCs (American Born Chinese) and FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) have been going on ever since I can remember. . Personally, I'd like to think that I have healthy doses of either side: I like to mix/match the Asian and western clothing styles, Chinese food is WAY better than the stuff. What do you guys really think of FOBs? : AsianMasculinity Shay. Age: 30. Hi my name is Busty Lisa, i’m real hungarian companion, 23y Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. The accusation is essentially that that person is not Asian enough. Aug 2, - The insinuation is that the banana or the coconut has purposely distanced themselves from their Asian culture and is “trying” to be white. The “tells” of a banana or coconut is that they typically can't or won't speak their family's mother tongue, they “dress white” instead of in a cultural style or culturally. Yui. Age: 25. Very very friendly MODERATORS Oct 30, - 10 Ways To Spot An Asian From Asia VS An American-Born Asian Asians can be from Asia. Asians can also be Asian-Americans: They tan, swim, do a variety of water sports and are not afraid to come out during high-sun. Asians from Asia typically have the Fob Dot located on their upper right arm. just check out the fob style thread. u wont look like a foool . its what fobby clothes do!.. u got to wear alot of layers.. thats a fob style! im sure ur look cute in it.. fobbyclothes are cute! & to be honest fobby clothes are actually just westerner style clothes put in asian style.. its like telling us, u dont know  What Exactly Is 'fob Clothing'.

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Raven. Age: 22. I'm available for girlfriend experience, erotic companionship, romantic dinner dates It's probably because kids in China wear uniforms all day, every day (except Sunday, i think) The guys' styles are often similar to Asian pop star's. They'll wear studded stuff, which many American guys wouldn't get caught dead wearing. Some straight FOB guys wear outfits that would be considered stereotypically gay by. I think I definitely qualify as a FOB, but please correct me if I am wrong. I am really curious as to how Westernized Asians view FOBs from all parts of Asia, due to the mentality differences and all. From what I observed so far, most Western Asians tend to exhibit the three main types of responses when it. Fob Fashion - Cute asian clothing style: Berets & Beanies for Winter.


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