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There goes a story in the old Indian literature, which narrates about an ascetic, who performed a tapasya (meditation) to please the gods. The gods were apprehensive of the powers he would beget in case he succeeded in his motives, and sent a supernatural beauty, an apsara to disrupt his meditation. The rest is left to the. Perfume As Seduction : On "What Drives Men / Women Crazy" Milena. Age: 22. If you need a classy date, interesting, stimulating conversation over a nice dinner and quality sex afterwards in your hotel, than you found yourself a mate. I'm rarely interested in the mere documentation, but more to what I'm feeling in the exploration of…. She lowered her hands and brought them forward, in a mark of respect to the ascetic, and then standing slowly up, lifted one leg, and placed it on her inner thigh, standing in a dance mudra, like a goddess, a statue sculpted in white marble. Oct 8, - Seduce Him. Think he doesn't give a damn about your perfume? Think again. Cosmo polled hundreds of hot-blooded men to find out what your spritzes can do to their senses — trust us, out, your perfume can also make a man's pulse race. "But when I got a whiff of her exotic Gucci Envy scent, I did. Betty. Age: 24. i'm here to become a reality in your innermost desires! The Seduction 20 Erotic Short Stories K'Anne Meinel If you're smart, you put a dab of perfume on your wrist at just the right spot so if you cup their cheek, or their head, the scent of it should assail her nostrils. It helps too if it's a Some people have been known to have a reaction to it too, not a pretty scenario if you are trying a seduction. Back to home page | See More Details about "Passionate Seduction 10 Erotic Short Stories" Return to top. More to explore: Passion Drama Life Story DVDs & Blu-ray Discs,; English Short Stories Audiobooks,; Pure Seduction Perfumes for Women,; Short Stories Cassette Audiobooks,; Pure Seduction Perfumes,; Short.

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Syren. Age: 21. gentlemen Apr 16, - Do you believe in perfume as a weapon of seduction? And if so, what is My HG sexy scents such as Carnal Flower, Velvet Gardenia, Ysatis vintage, etc. are either “too strong” or just “nice” for him. I always felt a bit Here's a story: there once was a beautiful young man who wore Kenzo. Fragile, romantic. The Perfume Lover: A Personal Story of Scent [Denyse Beaulieu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. `Why couldn't I be a perfumer's muse? I've come such a long way in the realm of scent. In fact, I was never really meant to poke my nose into it 'The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu is an intimate. He had half forgotten about his 'gift' but the distinctive whiff of perfume took him straight back to the Pleasure Garden and Zamora's comely body. As his eyes adjusted to the half-light, Sophie was standing at the open doorway and watching her father seduce a girl her own age. She had heard him climb the stairs and got.


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