Swinging baby cause shaken baby syndrome

May 8, - PARENTS are advised not to use a cradle, especially the electrical ones, to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). BabyCenter - Security Warning Vanilla. Age: 19. I am highly educated, sophisticated and culred, i love to travel and i am fascinating convesationalist Soon doctors may have a diagnostic tool that can identify SBS babies before they can be shaken again. More info By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You constantly hear how fragile our babies necks are so I have an important question. Baby swings and bouncers, can they cause shaken baby syndrome? Also my little one loves it when I make him dance! Is this bad??? It always stops him from crying when he is bored but now Im scared because maybe Im being. Samantha. Age: 30. Hi I am an attractive stylish Indian lass ;) I enjoy being intimate and kisses and cuddles What Every Parent Should Know About Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome He admitted becoming frustrated, taking amphetamines, rocking the baby in his arms, and bouncing the infant “too hard” in a baby chair, using his foot as a pedal While the classical shaking trauma syndrome involves subdural haemorrhages, retinal haemorrhages, and rib and metaphyseal fractures, individual cases vary. The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome reports that SBS is not caused by "tossing a baby in the air, jogging with your baby or driving over bumps in your car.” They further state: Accidental That's why minor motion—like the 5 S's swinging (or, as I describe it the Jell-O head jiggle)—is perfectly safe. In fact, for many.

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Leya. Age: 29. I am 170h and 56w May 19, - What the title says. WDYT? I read this in another thread and thought 'OMG!!!!!' We do this with our 7 month old and she loves it! We don't hurl her up there but we do lift her pretty high then lower her down. Should we NOT be doing this??? Back to top. Oct 8, - This time it's about her swing. She has a little lamb swing made by Fisher Price and the lowest setting seems to swing her pretty fast but she loves it! My DH is scared to death that she is going to get shaken baby syndrome from it and now he has me wondering if it's too much of a swinging motion see I told.


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