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Apr 26, - Would you date someone you already knew was bi? How would you feel if your long term partner came out to you as bi? I'd like some general thoughts on the matter, I'm interested what people think. My boyfriend (I'm a girl) of 4 months and best friend of a few years came out as bi to me a few weeks ago. Do guys have a problem dating bisexual girls? | Yahoo Answers Abbi. Age: 29. Meet me once and you will never forget me. And I'm insecure as it is so I don't need to add more to that. Aug 25, - i say that a person is a person and if you are attracted to someone and they are attracted to you then why not be together. Pussykat. Age: 23. Hello! I'm a mature woman in my 40's offering my companionship to mature gentleman preferably over 40 Should I date a bisexual girl? Sep 19, - it's ok to date a bi-chick short term for fun only. she'd probably have a high sex drive and be into lots of freaky experimenting. but i'd never let myself get serious with her. and i'd sure as hell never marry a bi-chick. i could never trust her. face it. she prefers chicks and as a dude i could never give her what she. Mar 3, - some lesbains are open to bi girls but some may want a girl that knows for sure what she wants and has a little experience and the answer to your question is heck yea i would date a bi girl.

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Melody. Age: 24. I provide services to respectful gentlemen in Prague or outside for international travel Feb 2, - There's nothing wrong with dating a bisexual guy, I wouldn't because every time i would hold his hand all i would think about is him holding a guys it does help if you're ethically non-monogamous, or at the very least have some sort of arrangement where you can also have relationships with people of. May 6, - Well we guys find it strange to date bi girls. I guess that the majority of guys doesn't mind, but its probably the people's opinion that bi people are "strange" and with "strange" i mean that it is a bit unacceptable for us to date bi girls. We can't explain but the thought that you frequent both females and males. May 26, - hey there, i dont see why you shouldnt date her. dont listen to your brother either. just because she's bi doesnt mean she'll run off with another girl. you could have a faithful bisexual girl who adores you an would never cheat or a straight girl who cheats and will leave you for another guy. just cos bi people.


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