Covad inc suck

Feb 28, - I'm in no way trying to apologise for Covad (they got what was coming to them), but your problems could've been averted with a T1 or redundant connections. -- Alex Pilosov | CTO - Acecape, Inc. | AceDSL:The best ADSL in Bell Atlantic area W 38 St. Suite | (Stealth. Something's Up With Covad Stock - Covad / | DSLReports Forums Aidra. Age: 19. Very discreet private thats very relaxing What company provides good DSL? Overall Covad has competitive compensation package. Tuition reimbursement, medical, dental, vision k. Cons. Leadership is incompetent. The company used to be employees and is now under They outsource everything. A bad quarter typically is followed by layoffs. Wash rinse and repeat Advice to. Michelle. Age: 24. ? +33754400494 Covad, MegaPath Combination Signals Larger M&A Trend Jun 27, - Forum discussion: I don't know what's going on--whether Covad [COVDE] has been de-listed by NASDAQ or what. The stock has been at all day, unchanged. This has to mean it's somehow "e;frozen"e;. Thank god it didn't freeze at the new-record-low it hit the other d. Aug 7, - Logic writes: "According to their press release, Covad Communications Group, Inc. is preparing to file for Chapter 11 protection for restructuring. Yeah, so their service sucked (the technician was scheduled to do my install from "8ampm", but arrived at pm without apology), but I might just miss them.

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Kety. Age: 26. when we get together you will have a guaranteed of few hours of pleasure Mar 28, - I was looking at covad and they looked pretty good but if anyone has some suggestions they would be helpful. covad sucks-they screwed me around for over a month finally when i was getting impatient i went to higher grounds and come to find out they couldnt provide the service because my line was. Feb 22, - Surfing the 'net is less enjoyable than it could be because the people who bring the Internet to you (Internet Service Providers or "ISPs") suck. In addition to being unable to run a reliable network, many of them lie, cheat, and steal. They pay mean and stupid people to answer the help center phones and be. Covad has no direct contact with customers, so their nightmares became our nightmares. I finally quit because I could no longer deal with lying to customers and providing bad service so people other than me could hope to turn a profit. My honest opinion is that anything that requires the kind of company-cooperation and.


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