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The choice of terms regarding sexual orientation may imply a certain political outlook, and different terms have been preferred at different times and in different places. In English, some terms in widespread use have been sodomite, Sapphic, Uranian, homophile, lesbian, gay, two-spirit, same-sex attracted, and homosexual. 10 brilliantly weird slang words for lesbians and bi women · PinkNews Giovanna. Age: 23. CURRENT HEALTH TEST IS ME ! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The game, in that case, is mostly played for laughs. Jun 12, - You'll never hold a bowling ball the same way again. Dahlia. Age: 25. Hey fellas, my name is Hazel List of LGBT slang terms Sep 27, - Women's sexuality has been repressed and ignored for hundreds of years, so naturally sapphic women had to come up with their own code to communicate. Though things are much better now, it'd be a crime to give up on some of the incredible slang they invented. . Sep 21, - a masculine woman, closely related to “butch lesbian.” Also see: “Diesel lesbian,” term referring to queer women who look like truck drivers. 5. Chapstick lesbian (n.) – queer identified woman who is sporty and athletic. The word denotes that she's the not the type to wear makeup (ala a “lipstick lesbian”) and.

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Joclyn. Age: 22. Have desires that need to be fulfilled The Homophobic Alphabet Euphemism Collection is an ongoing collection of euphemisms for gay and lesbian collated by the artist Lyn Lowenstein. Contributions to the collection are welcomed from anyone. May 19, - Neither has the considerable volume of evidence linking softball to gay culture: the book Diamonds Are a Dyke's Best Friend, for example. The game has a long history in media and popular culture, and its depictions have hardly all been Sapphic. Before softball became a suspected euphemism for “lesbian. Nov 4, - This morning my sister Trish Bendix brought my attention to another attack on the Girl Scouts—apparently, some pastor thinks the Girl Scouts sell “lesbian cookies.” And I'm like, “Hell yes they do!” Instead of the apple, the Scouts lead you into temptation with a cookie. OBVIOUSLY. I wrote about this.


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