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Mar 12, - Ramona and Lola are having a sleepover at the Fuller household have their first lesbian experience with each other. Now, in this story, Jackson and Lola are dating. This story is rated M for sexual content and it will contain some mind-blowing lesbian sex between Ramona Gibbler and her best friend Lola. More Than Friends Chapter 1, a house, m.d. fanfic | FanFiction Rachael. Age: 20. Hello guys! They knew that they were lesbians. Aug 11, - Luna and Luan Loud could no longer resist it. They knew that they were lesbians. And not just that. They knew that they were gay for eachother. And every single night, no exceptions, they would carry out their lesbian acts in the bedroom that only the two of them shared. Here's a scene from a hot, summer. Tatiyana. Age: 18. If it's Passion & Serenity that you seek then look no further Aug 31, - "Ah, lesbian " A smirking House greeted the doctor when her eyes finally met his, knowing full well she hated it when he called her that. He waited a couple of seconds for her to reply with the usual 'I'm not a lesbian, I'm bisexual' argument she would shoot back. Sensing that he would get no reply from the. Oct 9, - Thirteen's hands were still on Cuddy's shoulders. She smiled simply at the question. "Popping your lesbian cherry." Without waiting for a reaction, she pressed her lips to Cuddy's once more, this time climbing into the woman's lap, straddling her legs. The older woman squirmed beneath Thirteen's weight.

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Suzy. Age: 25. My name is Sierra and I am an elite escort offering a one of a kind intimate encounter that is sure to leave you breathless Feb 29, - the Fuller house was getting back into the swing of things. The only change was the dynamic between Stephanie and Kimmy. Stephanie had never thought she would be drawn to women in fact while they lived in a day and age where acceptance was drawing to an all-time high of lesbians or gays she. Dec 6, - Cuddy's lips forced themselves on Cameron's. Cameron pushed away. "Cuddy! Stop!" Cameron looked down. Cuddy lifted Cameron's chin. They looked into each others eyes. "Don't fight it Cameron. Everyone has a lesbian fantasy. I'm not gay. But something about you has made me want nothing but you. Jun 21, - Truth or Dare. Summary: Thirteen and Cameron are bored so they decide to play truth or dare in the hospital's lounge room. There's no established relationship between them YET! Haha, I love this pairing! Please enjoy! Rated M. Cameron walked into the hospital's lounge room after a long shift. It was 2.


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