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just wondering male female? have you every peeed outdoors? where? have you evey peeed in puplic or with a friend? do you get turned on by peeing outdoors? have you every masterbated afterwords? what wear you wearing? would you be confident peeing with others? are you gay/striaght/bi? women peeing outdoors (homestead forum at permies) Jewels. Age: 19. Wechat:Dao69xx Yet unless it's truly miserable outside, I pee outside on purpose because of the nitrogen and the water in the stuff. What you're saying is that it's the 'outside' part, the location of the relief, that gives you pleasure. That's different. Aside from the risk of getting caught, or the hygiene aspect to it, typically most people prefer the privacy of a commode, unless there's some 'emergency'. Maybe you're enjoying the unacceptablity. Misty. Age: 20. I'm young Similar Threads May 17, - My next book is about health, so I got a fitbit (in case you missed its debut last year, it's a souped-up pedometer that measures your calorie intake and output). The best part? You can record an activity on the fitbit website, and it will tell you how many calories you've expended. And not just. I've had my rabbits a month or so now - they are 10 month old males and neutered already. They are now pretty much litter box trained inside their pen and always go in one of their two litter trays however over the past few days I have been letting th Litter trained bunny peeing outside litter box.

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Alanah. Age: 22. Never in a rush Jan 8, - By this point, everyone's seen what happens when you throw boiling water into the air when temperatures are however many degrees below zero. One experiment that hasn't been attempted was peeing outside when the temperature is 17 degrees below zero with a wind chill factor of That is, until now. Certainly never four stops. She is an outside dog, along with my other dog (not by my choice), but she's always been in good health, is on flea and heart worm prevention (Trifexis– bugs me every time I give it to her. I'll be getting her off it when this box runs out), and sees the vet every year, or as needed. Mar 8, - But if he hadn't been committing a crime in the first place -- urinating in the open -- the search would have been illegal and the found drugs couldn't be used against him. . I watched a day care provider encourage a small boy to pee against the tree in a city park adjacent to an urban university campus.


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