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Internal anatomy of a crayfish: edible freshwater crustacean, with pincers on the two forelegs. Encephalon: site of the mental functions of a crayfish. Stomach: part of the digestive tract between the esophagus and the intestine. Heart: blood-pumping organ of the crayfish. Gonad: sex gland of a crayfish. Extensor muscles. crayfish body parts/function Flashcards | Quizlet Adelfina. Age: 20. Or Note the two large nerves that lead from the brain, around the esophagus, and join the ventral nerve cord. Cerebral ganglia. Acts as the brain. Image by Riedell/Vanderwal © nervous. Name these tail sections. uropods. Image by Riedell/Vanderwal © Which of these crayfish is a female? female. male. Image by Riedell/Vanderwal © Name the body region. #4. cephalothorax. Image by Riedell/Vanderwal © Vanessa. Age: 25. Not only was I blesses with a beautiful figure, but a beautiful face as well Crayfish dissection digestive gland, stores nutrients, tomally. intestine, transports waste to anus. flexor & extensor, abdominal muscles. green glands, make urine. ganglia, nerve centers. maxilla, shred food. statocysts, sand sacs for balance. lobster, crayfish's salt water cousin. rostrum, protects eyes and brain. jointed, what appendages are. Anus - responsible for evacuation of intestine contents. 2. Muscular body Segments - the repeated units of the earthworm. 3. Clitellum - the in the crayfish. 7. Cephalothorax - the first segment of a crayfish, consisting of a head fused to the thorax. 8. Abdomen - the multi-segmented posterior region of the crayfish used to.

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Loni. Age: 24. Total Sweetheart ???? Like all crustaceans, a crayfish has a fairly hard exoskeleton that covers its body. As shown in the diagram on the next page, its body is divided into two main parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. The cephalothorax consists of the cephalic (or head) region and the thoracic region. The part of the exoskeleton that covers. Abdomen. Cheliped (Claw). Carapace. Antennule. Elbow. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. Walking Legs. Rostrum. Pktured: Signal Crayfish. (Pacifastacus leniusculus). Definitions Cervical Groove: Semicircular notch that divides the head of the crayfish from the abdomen. Cheliped: The Crayfish Body Parts and Functions. - Antenna. Label the parts of a crayfish. abdomen telson uropod carapace walking legs compound eye abdomen antenna antennule anus carapace cephalothorax cheliped compound eye mandible swimmerets telson uropod walking legs antenna antenna antennule cheliped cheliped mandible walking legs swimmerets uropods.


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