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I have very strong foot fetish.I have it since I was a little I was 5 years old I started to worship my aunt`s feet. And no one like it even my lough at me I want to get rid of foot fetish I want to get my attraction to femal. foot fetishhow to overcome? | Your Brain Rebalanced Carmela. Age: 29. hello dear gentleman Health tips Fitness Sexual health Mental health Healthy travel. My boyfriend does not want to have sex anymore. Mar 16, - The problem is, my foot fetish takes up % of my sexual thoughts, and what normal people think about (boobs, ass, blowjobs, etc) %. I have to try to solve this . off without said fetish. In that case you need to seek the help of a mental health professional, as I don't think anyone here can help you. Olga. Age: 26. I know how to please you frisky fridays Hello, I'm 19 years old. I've been a Christian since I was a kid. My whole family serves at church including me. There is this thing that makes me Feet Fetish please HELP. Jan 20, - You need to see a psychiatrist or analyst or psychotherapist who can help you lessen this interest in feet. Christine adds: I think you may have been a bit unlucky in your choice of girlfriend. You see, many women indulge this kind of fetishistic behaviour in their blokes – but of course if they can never have.

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Katie. Age: 25. bonjour je m'appelle cassye, jolie,cultivйe, raffinйe, douce, mais aussi sensuelle. Mar 23, - Of all sexual fetishes for parts of the body, foot fetishism is the most common. What do foot fetishists do? Mar 25, - Then there are guys who rely on your feet to get off sexually. We are talking about them. If your guy is showing A LOT of interest in your feet, and you think it's a sexual thing, here's some info to help you decide if you're into it or not. What is a fetish? A fetish involves sexual arousal from a prop, body part. However, on reflection, she thinks her man's foot fetish is 'something she'd be game to find out more about in the name of being GGG', but she doesn't have any 'Pornography can be a useful tool to give you ideas of things to try together and help teach you what makes foot fans tick, but it's important to remember that not.


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