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Aug 9, - knew someone lived near me in northern CA, old house, had a glory hole in two of the basement rooms doors.. a good friend older than me owned the house and put ads in CL, etc to have people come to them.. I went, was fun, the guy who owned there stopped me when I was leaving, said I seemed. Flashback – Glory Hole Roulette - Incest/Taboo - Katrina. Age: 23. Let's have some fun! 25 years old The guy next to me could tell it was my first time so he offered me some friendly advice. It was somewhere between when I walked in and I had just planned to swing through and maybe get a quick blowjob or feed someone my cum I have a pretty huge cum fetish. Nov 16, - It's the seven-story equivalent of Miss Havisham's moldy wedding cake, a heap of decorative curlicues and flourishes mired in neglect and lorded over by rats. A long-shuttered nightspot lies in the basement of this year-old hostelry, eight granite steps beneath Franklin Street. Descend those steps, pass. Kina. Age: 27. I am an intelligent, real-life unique beauty with an upbeat, bubbly personality and unmistakable sensuality MODERATORS When I arrived in California, everything was such a shock to me. I had only been in town for a week when I discovered that a guy could go down in the basement of this X-rated movies house less than three blocks from the bus station and see hunky young guys down on their knees, sucking off rows of men. I was meeting. There was a small room in the basement that was used for such an event. It's two windows each had black out drapes on them. One of the interior walls had been replaced with thick plywood and a 3" in diameter hole was placed approximately three feet off of the ground. Inside the room, placed under the hole, was a thick.

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Julianna. Age: 22. I'm a trained therapist, and I offer a mix of sensual touch in our sessions ***These stories contains scenes of an explicit nature between consenting adults, including scenes of hot men exchanging oral sex through a gloryhole, as well as scenes of anal sex and self pleasure. They is intended for a mature (18+) audience. Reader discretion is advised. Reader pleasure is encouraged.***. They have a very nice home with a semi-private entrance that leads to the basement. You enter through the kitchen and go down the carpeted stairs. Although the basement is dimly lit, once your eyes adjust to the darkness it sets a perfect tone. It's relatively quiet except for the sound of porn on the 60” TV. Dec 28, - One day as he was enjoying the privacy of his basement shit palace he noticed someone enter the restroom and come into the stall next to him. At this point he told me he was feeling very weird because he had never seen anyone in this bathroom at the same time as him before. The guy in the next stall.


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