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As she did, she could hear the nurse going through the supply cabinet. Ashley strained to look over her shoulder to see what the nurse was doing. When she scared her to death! Nurse Lyn had retrieved a glass thermometer and was vigorously shaking it down. "Ashley, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to take a rectal. Thermometer With The Red Tip - an Adult Baby Story - Baby Brrr's ABDL Adult Baby Nursery Melanie. Age: 28. Blonde, slim, busty, pretty, friendly and amazingly sexy I will be your perfect elite companion at any glamour or business event you would like to have a perfect good looking girlfriend Jennie could only feel her sphincter tighten as the thermometer tip once again passed the tip of her anus and was completely withdrawn. The warm feeling was unexplainable. Oct 31, - “Just measure it rectally ” Those are the words that I heard as I sat on the exam table. But first, how did I get there? Well I guess I picked up some germs or something, so is it allergies, a summer cold, or that respiratory something that's going around? Not sure, but I have been feeling awful for the last. Felony. Age: 29. Dear Gentlemen, if you like a woman not only with a beautifully slim and proportioned body, but also with an honest and likeable personality and good conversationalist, then I am the perfect woman for you, your best choice :-) My Wife's Rectal Thermometer Story [email protected]> TRUE STORY-a little long but somewhat erotic I was 13 years old and that spring I began to develop asthma again. When I Tongue depressors, cotton balls, syringes, and a shiny yellow rectal fever thermometer standing in a round cylinder filled with some liquid, probably alcohol. Older guy reaches for a rectal thermo. "Speaking of which, that's what I need - a neighbor borrowed the one from my first-aid kit for her daughter, and dropped it." Grinning ruefully, "Should have taken her temperature in bed, instead of the bathroom." She reaches up and gets a rectal thermometer herself. "That makes sense.

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Kristina. Age: 22. My e-mail: milena The idea dawned on me to have some fun with Vanessa, so I grabbed the rectal thermometer, found some Vaseline, and walked back out to the living room. Vanessa was watching of while it was happening. The memories of the moment and the sights I had just seen flooded my head, causing a burst of erotic energy. A little of my story: I was quite a bit younger when I received my last rectal temperature clinically (I am 30 now). I was in the hospital for pneumonia. . It was the same size as a the thermometer she used earlier for the oral temp, but had a much shorter, round end where the mercury was. The other end had the triangle tip, but. My wife and I are very much into anal play, particularly with enemas and rectal thermometers (yes rectal thermometers!). My wife, Jennie, and I have often shared our humiliating moments growing up, and the one that she likes to share the most was the last time that she had her temperature taken rectally. Her mother I would.


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