Fleshy vagina lips

Nov 12, - Everyone who has a vagina has a labia, but so many of us honestly don't know a damn thing about it. Like, be honest: You know those two fleshy bits that hang from the vulva? Yeah, that's The labia has a pretty big job: It protects (and cushions) the clitoris as well as the urethra and the vaginal opening. Vaginal growth or normal? - Discussion on Topix Kayden. Age: 21. New In Town Now The upper portion of each labium minora splits to join with both the clitoral glans , and the clitoral hood. G-spot Urethral sponge Perineal sponge. I just noticed this about two weeks ago. In my vaginal opening I can't even see the actual opening, it's like a tissue that looks and feels like another set of labia almost, like a little tongue poking out of my vagina. It's really concerning to me. I can still fit a finger inside because the actual opening seems to be underneath it. Lena. Age: 25. Hello gentlemen, my name is Aliona Is part of my vagina hanging out? Feb 14, - OK Men, What do you like better small or large labia. I love to give oral sex to women with large fleshy or dangling labia. pretty packaging if you will the inside is the vagina,or the futurelearning.info my experience woman with larger labia are actually tighter tahn woman with small labia,but i'm sure this varies. I know i sound like a nutter, but my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer and with the miscarriage recently i feel really at the end of the road and now i have convinced myself that there is somthing seriously wrong with me. If i get a mirror and look at my vaginal opening, i can see this fleshy looking lump.

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Alice. Age: 29. My name is vanessa hill, i am an international pornstar and exclusive travel-companion! I have made more then 100 adult movies, from which 6 where" awn awards" winners through my 4years carrier of being in this industry, what i a have really enjoyed,;))! Nov 2, - your vagina, but mean your vulva, and you're talking about seeing something sticking out of your outer labia -- the two thicker mounds of skin, usually with some hair on them, which meet to cover your vaginal opening, urethra and clitoris -- it's likely that that's just your inner labia -- the fleshy, hairless "lips". There is a wide range of normal appearance to the labia majora (outer vaginal lips) and labia minora (inner vaginal lips). Sometimes excess labia can be uncomfortable in clothing,be a problem with bladder emptying or be an issue with sex. If any of these issues exist or you are just simply bothered by the appearance it is. The grooves between the labia majora and labia minora are known as the interlabial sulci or interlabial folds. The labia minora (obsolete: nymphae), also called inner labia or inner lips, are two soft folds of fat-free, hairless skin between the labia majora. They enclose and protect the vulvar vestibule, urethra and vagina.


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