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Oct 16, - One of the first things that comes up when gay men talk about coming out in college, the military, or on a sports team is the dreaded shower issue. Just as Here's a theory: Your obsession about the whole "dropping the soap" thing has to do with how much you think about other guys naked and wet. Relax. Showering with my team Anetta. Age: 25. Meet Kandi! She is new to the biz and ready to show you an amazing time! Kandi is a statuesque 5'8" Hopefully you will shower after working out. They aren't afraid or intimidated by the things you think they are. Dec 11, - What exactly is the transition between being a nude-prude and nude-dude? Let's take it slow, I've never done this before. In coming to college, freshman athletes must adapt to new teammates, practice schedules, coaches, and facilities. Some freshmen were instantly comfortable with the locker room scene. Carlota. Age: 29. Hello ! Photos 100% real Welcome to College Confidential! Feb 3, - Many men don't speak up about their desire for privacy in fear that they will be mocked for not being "man enough." In Texas we ask young men to “cowboy up.” There is the assumption that men bond by swimming or showering together in the nude, but I can assure you that, given a choice, we would have. The first couple of weeks, the showers were full of guys with erections (whenever there were girls there), but I never heard of any problems and I never Did most people just go along with it and just suck it up and shower naked in front of the opposite sex or did many people use the 2nd floor shower to  Communal showers?!?! — College Confidential.

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Vicki. Age: 30. Blowjob Feb 12, - Augsburg College. To any athlete afraid of having an openly gay teammate: Let's first talk showers and football, since that seems to be a big concern for some players, especially in light I loved my teammates, but let's be honest, not every football player looks like they can be on the cover of "Men's Health. Jul 10, - Everybody knows everybody else's penis sizes, since these are young men naked in a room together and that's what happens. One former Tennessee As Scott Cooper, a former college football player who came out as a senior, puts it, "I never worried about popping a boner in the shower. It's just not a. Nov 22, - Texas Tech's Trooper Keeton -vs- North Texas' Joe Green in this Freshman game. Comments by Trooper Keeton on these highlighted plays from the game. This is also part of the history of college football breaking the color barrier. Go to for more on his college football history.


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