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Aug 10, - To me it's a bit like going naked on a non-nude beach. not really the thing to do. Also as the lady suggested: why don't you cover it up? Especially if someone is IC the diaper will show urine stains, a discoloured indicator, etc I don't think it's nice to show that off to anyone. And why do you think it is more. Wacky Toddler Behavior: Taking Off Clothes Valentina. Age: 29. I am a very naughty and playful lady who enjoys pleasing and being pleased with her partner Even one man sitting close to me on the beach talked to me and made no knowledge about my diaper. I did it again," muttered Luke, after he woke up and felt his soaking-wet pajamas. Quite often, he would wet his diaper a second time while eating. The warmth felt good and it was easier to pee in his diaper than take it off and use the toilet. +. "Hey, you wet your bed again, didn't you?" said Timmy, when he saw his brother sitting naked at the kitchen table. "You should wear one of my diapers to bed. Valeria. Age: 20. If you looking for something new and somebody who like this job I'm here Wacky Toddler Behavior: Taking Off Clothes Feb 27, - Figuring out how to take her clothes off and becoming a nudist, laying a big poop on her big girl potty, and discovering the joys of a corn dog are all reasons for a celebratory dance to daddy's favorite song, "I'm A Little Teapot". Sounds like a good day indeed, Lily Bug! Off. Those. Diapers! When your child has a diaper rash, leave off his or her diapers as much as possible. Let the child be a little nudist. The more exposure to air and sunlight, the better (though of course you must be sure to protect your child's sensitive skin from sunburn and your furniture from frequent watering — and.

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Kety. Age: 30. Sexy on the outside, smart on the inside Dec 1, - My 2 year old twins have started taking off all of their clothes, including diapers, at naptime and nighttime. I don't mind if they're naked, but the messes that result from no diaper (they're not potty trained) are driving me crazy. My husband suggested duct tape, and I thought he was crazy at first! However. Elizabeth has become a dedicated nudist. When we check on her after she is supposed to be asleep, it has become commonplace to find her completely undressed, without even a diaper. We have decided it is time to modify behavior. When I put Elizabeth to bed tonight, I reminded her not to take off her pajamas or diaper. Apr 26, - Since it's so warm out and I'm cheap and don't want to run the ac, I haven't been putting clothes on the baby all the time. I keep the windows open and the air off and just have a fan on during the day when it's nice out. My sister thinks I'm crazy, but Link doesn't seem to care. Anyone else?


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