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Oct 11, - We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share memories of the first time they ever had an orgasm — whether on accident or on purpose. Long story short, within a day I was feeling myself to porn I had found. I honestly had no idea what happened the first time — it actually kind of freaked me out. 9 Real Girls Talk About The First Time They Had An Orgasm - | Allison. Age: 30. Hey Fellas! I was 9, maybe Jul 29, - "The first time I orgasmed was my first time masturbating as well. I did it with an electric toothbrush. All I felt was a burst of energy in my thighs and it lasted 10 seconds. When it happened I didn't even know what it was. I literally had to look up what an orgasm was like because I was so confused. Hunter. Age: 24. I’m stand 5’5 and weight 135 pounds 11 Epic First Masturbation Stories Jul 13, - “One afternoon on my way home from school when I was 16, I was stuck behind a massive highway accident long enough to try masturbating (for the first time) with a vibrating caterpillar my brother got in a Happy Meal. I came literally right as the road cleared up. I continued to use the caterpillar whenever I. Nov 3, - The first time you had an orgasm story is probably far better than the first time you had sex story. And TBH, they hardly ever overlap. In fact, it's quite possible your first orgasm wasn't with another person at all, but from masturbation. But howev.

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Lylith. Age: 19. Love Mar 1, - When I visited the boards this week, I read quite a few posts about when girls experienced their very first orgasm. One discussion focused more on the details of how their first orgasm happened and the other was mostly an open space for readers to share their stories. It was so interesting to read about. Mar 8, - That's how I thought you were supposed to masturbate. Two weeks later I have to ask my mom why my penis was so sore and red. I tell her what's been going on and she's says "it's normal". Well my 12 year old sister was listening at the door and for the next week every time she saw me she would yell "it's  What's the story of your very first orgasm?: sex - Reddit. Aug 9, - Whether it happens intentionally or by accident, most women remember the first time they hit the orgasm jackpot.


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