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Jan 17, - Every now and then I notice that some of my razor bumps are not just due to my normal curly hair that curled back in, but also from these "mutant" hairs that seem about times as thick as normal hair. It's almost as if some of my hair follicles occasionally have Siamese twins. I was wondering if anyone else. Attack of the Killer Mutant Beard Hairs - weirdness | Ask MetaFilter Devyn. Age: 29. Hi, i'm independent, providing incall and outcall, located in Los Angeles They might be mole-hairs. Location: Not listed Facebook: This. Kaci. Age: 28. * discretion ana open mind Wierd thick single hair!? I think I wondered if it was a sign of things to come. I had a few other hairs like that in other places too.. Anyway, the hair on my head is very thick and dense, but still I have had only one such hair like that in my beard. What gives? Anyone else have this experience? Thanks for the interesting question. Lad. Pulling nose hairs makes your eyes water like nothing else. Even if it doesn't really hurt so much, just makes you tear up. I don't really get the thick ones in my nose, but I do randomly get a super long one that all the sudden I notice is like halfway down my lip. When I pull it, if feels like it's connected to my  Extremely thick beard hair I keep pulling out of my SO: popping.

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Gia. Age: 19. Sincere Check out my two most popular videos: futurelearning.infoe. Apr 28, - Chin hairs are like stars. You don't always see them, but every so often they emerge to surprise you in all their bold glory. Facial hair, of course, is no big deal, but we have always wondered what the deal is with that one thick, long hair that seems to appear out of nowhere, just begging to be plucked. Mar 11, - Anyone else have this issue? Every once in a while one of my beard hairs grows at least ten times thicker than normal and super fast What's up with that, medical/scientific/genetic geniuses of tRCMB? This post was edited by Rocinante forever ago.


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