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Apr 15, - M/F, sleeping gas, chloroform, kidnapping, bondage) Janet Saunders opened the front door of her car and stepped inside, placing her purse and briefcase This is a really old story that I've never felt had enough content to justify posting, but I've been convinced otherwise by someone whose opinion I trust. #chloroform Stories - Wattpad Stacey. Age: 24. My name is kelly and i am that secretly naughty kinky gfe that makes your friends envy you and other women stare. In public i am always prim and proper with a natural sensuality, but in private you will see the sweet honey under. I go back to the sofa to give you a little more chloroform, no need to wake too soon. Find the hottest #chloroform stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about #chloroform on Wattpad. Mandy. Age: 20. *sensual Mature Content Sleepy Stories. Here is my collection of sleepy stories. Here everyday girls find themselves being given a dose of chloroform, or maybe a seductive spy gets the drop on her rival with some sleeping gas, or a scifi redhead finds a tranquiler dart in her nylon clad thigh. Enjoy! Mature content. Poolside Encounter. May 13, - WARNING: This is a fictional, erotic story that concentrates heavily on a specific sexual fetish (abduction scenario; forcibly being put to sleep with Chloroform) which may not be to the liking of everybody. I don't intend to insult, offend or degrade anybody with the contents of the story – I'm just having fun to.

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Hillary. Age: 21. What can I tell you Jul 4, - Arlene a lesbian aged 42 has gotten crush over her beautiful teenage daughter Ivy aged 17 and sadly for her mother heterosexual. One day Arlene can no longer hold her desires so makes a devious plan to use chloroform on her daughter as she arrives from school, being a lab technician she procures the. WARNING: This is an erotic story, featuring scenes and themes of a sexual nature. If that offends Dawn's eyes then fluttered, as the chloroform on the cloth started taking effect as her body forced her to take in the stench of the chemical. Her free arm The chloroform had finished its task, sending the Diva into forced sleep. Nov 18, - My name is Julie. I consider myself a normal girl of age Except for maybe the twisted fantasies that haunted my brain until last night. One would have never suspected my fantasy of being chloroformed and tied up by a strong intruder at first impression. However, in a fit of madness I mentioned it to a man.


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