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Dec 12, - One thing that makes me feel really submissive is my promise to Boyfriend when we started dating that every morning on weekends, he gets a BJ. I suck him off I have accrued twenty demerits this week, each one punishable by a spanking, for offenses like being messy and teasing him. I bend over the. The Kinky Blogger Who Gets ‘Maintenance Spankings’ Kathia. Age: 27. An american, travelling through europe, currently staying for a while in warsaw. Next stop: who knows? My penis hadshriveled up to nothing under her onslaught, so she hadno problem slipping my underpants back to their uprightposition. I kicked my legs, but the shortsand underpants restricted my range of motion. Make him get his own apartment and buy his own food, too. He' II find out how far minimum wage goes in a month or two and BEG to go back to school! You're never too old to get a good spanking Dear Dotti: I agree with your recent statement that a good spanking never hurt anyone. In fact, my boyfriend spanks me every. Perlite. Age: 20. *Great sense of humor The Kinky Blogger Who Gets ‘Maintenance Spankings’ Jun 14, - My boyfriend recently confessed that a conversation about spanking (him being spanked, that is) turned him on. . My all-time favorite strap is called the "convent strap" or "ferule" and is sold by The London Tanners. . Their stuff is expensive, but some of it is worth every penny, in my humble opinion. Jan 10, - 'My boyfriend keeps asking if he can spank me, but I find the whole idea a bit ridiculous,' writes one reader. ROWAN SAYS: Having said all the above, you certainly have every right to tell your boyfriend that spanking simply doesn't push your buttons and you don't wish to experiment. If your sex life is.

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Vanda. Age: 28. I got everything u need and then some Aug 10, - This story was written by someone named Mike Davis. It came from USENET in the early, early days of the internet. I've done a bit of editing. My Gir Her parents were very strict, soI had to make all kinds of promises about having herhome by p.m. plus the usual stuff about noalcohol, etc., etc. “I think I'm dominating my boyfriend,” she said. “Can we talk about it?” Initially, I thought Christina was trying to get me to tell her about my secret kinky life because she'd looked in the leather satchel of toys I kept in my closet. “What makes you think you're dominating your boyfriend?” “I tell him what to wear and eat every day. May 30, - Date nights for me and my boyfriend came around quite often! We were both living away from home for our studies and even though my PG did not allow boys to stay the night, his flat had no such restrictions. So almost every weekend I would be chilling at his place instead of mine. This one night we were.


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