Oral sex allergies

Feb 13, - 5 Answers - Posted in: bleeding disorder, allergic reactions, marijuana, sex - Answer: I suggest you go to the Dr. Get well soon, masso.-Penicillin allergy and sex? Genital contact allergy: A diagnosis missed Leigh. Age: 19. I am Vivian, a cute petite oriental hottie, perfect nature curvy body and the warm sweetest personality, silky soft skin feel Please correct the issue, then click Submit. Dec 19, - My boyfriend has not performed oral sex on me yet. We have discussed this with him flat out refusing to do it. He claims that he has a reaction to performing oral sex, such as a blister or rash. I don't believe it is possible for his mouth to be allergic to my vagina while his penis has no problem. Please help! Dillion. Age: 21. I am a hot brunette girl and like have a great time with you Kissing Can Trigger Allergic Reactions In Susceptible People, As Can Sex gf is clean and smells fresh everytime we have sex and regularly trims her hairs which is very nice but i notice i always gets small pimples around the mouth after we have oral sex which we both enjoy very much and when i shave it hurts where the razor touches the skin what could be wrong? is she sick or am i allergic to. Jun 13, - Have you ever thought that you were allergic to your partner (or their privates)? There are a surprising number of foreign substances you may be exposed to during sex that the body may have an allergic reaction to. Sex-related allergies are real, and if you are allergic to seminal fluid, latex, or even.

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Lacie. Age: 24. People go to Vegas, and they don't know what to do I have oral sex with my husband and a few different times my mouth would react as if I was allergic to something. I have accused him of cheating and he denies this and truly doesn't give me any other sign or reason to think this. But my mouth says different, almost like a latex allergic reaction, my palate. Feb 18, - And now there's evidence that allergies can put a big dent in your sex life. How big? In a study of people with allergic rhinitis (hay fever), 83% said that allergies affected their sex lives at least occasionally. Seventeen percent said that allergies always or almost always had an effect of their sex lives. Indian J Sex Transm Dis. Jan-Jun Abstract. Genital allergy should be considered as a possible diagnosis in all patients with genital soreness or irritation for which no infection or dermatosis can be identified and in whom symptoms remain unchanged or worsen with treatment. . Oral medications and genital allergy.


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