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Chanell. Age: 25. I love to control and hypnotize your mind I felt his hands as they unclasped my bra, adding it to the pile at my feet. He bent his head and left a trail of kisses across the tops of my breasts, his hands traveling up to cup them gently. His thumbs grazed my nipples and I almost came out of my skin. “That feels amazing.” I sighed, watching him attend to me. “Oh my” left my. Aug 30, - Your source for the best high quality wallpapers on the Net! Each time the vibe passed over one of her nipples, the little redhead whimpered. Lauren found that helpless exclamation to be incredibly erotic. She licked and nibbled along the line of Roxanne's shoulder to her neck as she continued to work over her lover's tits. Lauren hooked her thumbs into Roxanne's bra and tugged it.


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