Carrying women fetish

Lift and Carry fetish is about when a guy gets sexual pleasure, when he sees a female lifting and carrying a male or another female in various ways like piggyback, shoulder ride, fireman's carry, etv. There are many sub-categories of lift and carry as well like "younger lifting older","bigge lifting smaller", etc. So what's your. What To Know About Preggophilia, A Fetish For Pregnant Women | YourTango Kina. Age: 26. Hello, iґm ewa. I have slim sexy figure and perfect tits. I am 24 years old, 46 kg and 165 cm. There are several more things you need to know: As mentioned, women experience constant bodily changes during pregnancy and one of them is periods of extreme sexual arousal. Pregnancy fetishism is a context where pregnancy is seen by individuals or cultures as an erotic phenomenon. It may involve sexual attraction to women or people who are pregnant or appear pregnant, attraction to lactation, or attraction to particular stages of pregnancy such as impregnation or childbirth. There are no  ‎Popular culture · ‎Demi Moore. Summer. Age: 23. I am an exclusive, charming, discreet female for any occasion and any time! What's your opinion about lift and carry fetish in general? Any others who share the same fetish? Nov 10, - Preggophilia is a sexual fetish where people have a sexual attraction to pregnant women. As there is little detail here, there was almost nothing on how the interest developed apart from Extract 6 where the interest in shoulders was more to do with the act of a female sitting on his shoulders rather than fetishizing the shoulders themselves. Here, the fetish (if it really is a fetish) is more akin to 'lift and carry' fetishes.

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Mirabella. Age: 24. Du wirst immer wieder uberrasht sein, mich zu entdeken, elegant Outfits tragend Mar 12, - A fetish is a strong, intense sexual arousal to a body part, an object, or a situation, says Cannon. In your case: women who are pregnant. It's just one more facet of someone's sexuality, and, like all things sex-related, there's tons of variability. Some people fetishize nonsexual objects (like shoes), while others. Apr 12, - "Lea" is a year-old with a pregnancy fetish. "She is fertile and has successfully created life. As a lesbian, I have the choice to become pregnant. This makes us, women, god like, powerful, rulers of life," she says. "That is sexy." And seriously, while it is sometimes downplayed in art and literature, giving. When we think pregnant women, we immediately think images of baby blue and pink, maternity photo shoots, and baby showers. Not usually a pregnancy fetish.


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