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Mar 17, - It's hard not to get a bit self-conscious about the way we “smell” and “taste” down there, and there's enough literature to vagina-shame us back to the Middle Ages. Should The point is, as we discussed earlier, vaginas are slightly acidic, meaning the intake of foods high in alkaloids will throw the acidity off. 13 Men Describe What Their Girlfriend’s Vagina Tastes Like | Thought Catalog Miko. Age: 22. exotic, sexi, and lots of fun!! And BTW, studies indicate that red meat has an impact on your male companion too. Apr 8, - Ask any man what a vagina tastes like and you would get a whole range of answers from salty to bitter, sexy to fishy. The scent and taste is a combination of factors; your body's natural smell, the food you eat, the smell of any soap you use and your vagina's juices. So, wouldn't you prefer to be that girl who. Wifey. Age: 26. Beautiful, sexy and friendly blond European escort available for Your private and public time in Singapore 11 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Know About Food Jun 4, - Vaginas (or vulvas, nerds) taste the way they taste because of a combination of factors — your body's natural sweaty smells plus the smell of whatever According to the anecdata, any food that can make you have weird farts, bad breath, or strong smelling pee should be avoided — beer, coffee, alcohol. Aug 15, - While there are no valid scientific studies on how to change the taste of your vagina, it certainly doesn't stop people from speculating. The rumors are legion: Does garlic make it taste strange? What about asparagus, probably the most well-known pee odor-changer out there? And does pineapple really.

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Cherokee. Age: 19. Young & Sweet Vanity Sep 8, - While we were researching our story on the best and worst foods for your vagina, we hit upon an age-old question that really got us curious: Can eating pineapple actually change your smell and taste below the belt? It's not a totally out-there idea. After all, the foods we eat affect how other secretions smell. Mar 20, - Before we begin to dissect the tastes of a body — as well as the scents, and the stereotypes that come along with a vagina — we need to remember that all bodies taste differently. The uniqueness of a body's response to material, intercourse, and just every day PH levels can alter taste and smell. Vaginas. Aug 28, - We all want our vaginas to smell and taste as pleasant as possible, but while there are some stories floating around about how to do that, there is no real corresponding scientific research. "A common one I've seen is pineapples, but there's no evidence for that," said Lindsay. But she added, "If you think it.


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