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Potty Trained Child Wetting Pants. “Help! My 4-year-old little girl has been well potty trained when she turned three. And she has not had an accident until several months ago. But now she starts to wet her pant every day. She may pour out all her fluids, while sometimes she just wet her underwear. I've taken her to visit the. My 5 Year Old Deliberately Wets Herself: How Can I Stop This? Jessica. Age: 24. hello Dear! More Experience from Other Mothers Curious about how other parents handled the problem with their potty-training kids? This stage will pass, you're doing a great job. Dec 29, - My Daughter just turned 3,she has been potty trained for 8 months. Lately she has been peeing in her pants frequently. I put her in time out and explain she is. Honey. Age: 30. Coco Chanel How to handle intentional pants-wetting? Nov 7, - How do I deal with this? I've made sure it's not because she's got an infection/ genuinely wants to go, etc., and she wets herself when I've told her off or won't give her what she wants. In line with all the positive parenting stuff, I try and ignore it - merely wipe up the mess, don't look at her, give her clean pants. She has been toilet training since end April/May. She has had phases of this before but we have given her the benefit of the doubt and thought they must be genuine accidents. This time I'm sure now that it's deliberate. We have tried star charts, praising her for keeping her pants dry, showing annoyance and disappointment.

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Katia. Age: 28. In portsmouth now Feb 17, - Hi, I'm new to this community, and I already have a question for you all.:) How would you handle the situation of your almost-preschool-aged child seemingly wetting their pants on purpose? My daughter (4 in May) has been "potty trained" for over a year, though with the occasional accident. Nothing. Emily Pees Her Pants AGAIN. Like. Mell Braulio. by Mell Braulio. Follow 43 views. Emily Pees Her. Jan 19, - AndreasChoice 5,, views · · Girl Pees Herself! (#3) - Duration: Caleb Williams 53, views · She Peed her pants (Vlog) - Duration: Exploring with Stewarts , views · · 7 People Caught Doing Yucky Things In Public - Duration: Trending Videos , views.


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