A softball batter swinging the bat

In softball, batting starts with an athletic stance in which the bat is held near the shoulders, and the elbow is. 5 Tips on Softball Hitting Techniques Romi. Age: 21. I am Kate - a loving Independent Escort in Warsaw and Perfect Travel Companion for those men who like to explore and to spend some intense moments of pleasure M Michelle Aug 25, The player positions herself in the center of the batter's box so she can swing at pitches all over the strike zone. The obvious purpose of a softball hitting drill is to help a batter develop a more productive swing. For the. Vasilisa. Age: 20. Stats; 7 Fundamentals Every Hitter Needs to Know Jul 17, - The batter should allow the front shoulder to track the ball from the pitcher's hand to the contact zone. As the bat is approaching the ball, the arms remain bent. If the arms are extended too early in the swing, the swing arc will be too large and hitter will sacrifice bat speed and power. As the hands move. Coaches emphasize correct softball hitting fundamentals because they know: for players to be successful at the plate they need to have the fundamentals properly aligned. If you're a If the arms are extended too early in the swing, the swing arc will be too large and the hitter will sacrifice bat speed and power. As the hands.

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