Action of facial muscles

MUSCLES OF FACIAL EXPRESSION. MUSCLE. ORIGIN. INSERTION. ACTION frontalis galea aponeurotica skin of eybrows and nose raises eyebrows, wrinkles forehead skin orbicularis oculi frontal and maxillary bone skin of eyelid blinking, squinting, forceful closing of eyelids orbicularis oris fibers of other mouth muscles. Facial muscles - Anatomy, Function and Pathology | Kenhub Bettina. Age: 20. Bonjour mes amours mes Photos son bien les miennes 100% reelles not surprise Auricular anterior superior posterior Temporoparietalis. Oct 17, - INSERTION: skin of eyebrows; root of nose. Muscles Promoting Facial Expressions. ACTION: raises eyebrows; wrinkles forehead. (Anterior view). (Posterior view). ORIGIN: occipital bone; temporal bone. INSERTION: epicranial aponeurosis. (tendinous sheet). ACTION: pulls scalp posteriorly. Occipitalis. Angelina. Age: 29. My Tattoos are gorgeous and well done, but removed from my pictures for discretion purposes Facial Muscles (Origin, Insertion, and Action) Apr 4, - CONTENTS INTRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT OF FACIAL MUSCLES CLASSIFICATION OF FACIAL MUSCLES FACIAL MUSCLES IN DETAIL- Origin, Insertion, Vascular Supply, Innervation & Action. APPLIED ASPECTS REFERENCES; 3. INTRODUCTION FACIAL MUSCLES: • No other animal. Jul 10, - MUSCLES OF FACIAL EXPRESSION Zygomaticus Major an d Minor Orgin: zygomatic bone Insertion: corners of mouth Action: smiling Nerve: facial / CN VII; MUSCLES AROUND THE MOUTH Numerous dilators (levators/depressors of upper/lower lip and angle of mouth) Buccinator.

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Chelsea. Age: 27. Bella, dotata di classe sensuale elegante di alta classe, mora occhi chiari fisico da urlo 176 cm Oct 9, - Clare Hargreaves-Norris Muscles of the Sides of the Face Muscle Position Action Temporalis x2 Extends over the ears, down to the corner of the jaw. Raises the jaw when we chew – this is known as mastication. Masseter x2 Extends downwards and backwards from the jaw, in the lower cheek area.


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